Google launches new system for viewing the ocean and Mars in 3D

The giant of search engines on the internet has just introduced the new expansion of this program that combines satellite imagery and maps.

This is Google Ocean, which extends the capabilities of Google Earth to include major straits of the ocean floor and abyssal plain.

Users can "dive" from the comfort of your desktop and explore 3D images of the seabed.

The new program includes 20 layers of content that contain information from leading scientists, researchers and explore the ocean world.

"This is a new search application Google Earth," said the BBC Ed Parsons, geospatial Google specialist who participated in the development of Google Ocean.

"In other words, extends the ability of the program to now include the oceans, which we had previously neglected," he says.

"In the last two years we realized the enormous amount of information about the oceans that has both the scientific community and amateur Ocean and Google gives us the ability to view this information," said the expert.
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