Enter a boat pilots is done with a modern simulator

The experience of piloting a ship or coordinate its departure from a port becomes a reality is amazing when compared to the cockpit of modern navigation and fishing simulator installed at the Escuela Nacional de Marina Mercante (Enamm) in Callao. Controls illuminated cockpit can confuse more than a visitor to this complex. However, from a month ago for students in this school in this modern training simulator has become part of a new challenge to maneuver ships in extreme situations.

Radar, sonar and global positioning instruments, and electronic charts, mapping information, among others, are part of the equipment used to train sailors to safe navigation. The simulator, of British origin, has a 180 degree panoramic screen that projected images of the sea exercises. The weight of the device exceeds a ton and takes up an entire environment of 150 m2.

Alvaro Alfredo first Merchant Navy pilot, said that management will depend on the type of competition which is sought. "First program, from the command room, a series of exercises with different levels of difficulty ranging from simple exercises to more complicated. Here, the knowledge and expertise of the pilot, always respecting the rules of international navigation, shall be extremely important, "he says.

Until recently, different situations were simulated by browsing our pilots using computers, which had several limitations such as inability to have a screen in real time to guide the students.

Now the simulator has a widescreen display, an updated software and five projectors that allow the representation of four ports and four types of ships: tankers, container ships, general cargo and a fishing boat. In this way experience is achieved each component visual, sensory and experiential as they happen on the high sea of day, with the possibility of looking to starboard, port and stern of the boat, etc.. All this as part of the education and training received by students in gradually since the start and according to the course it takes.

With this, the Enamm opens the door to technology to meet the requirements of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Undoubtedly, an achievement that gives clear evidence of its interest in achieving development.
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