Google is negotiating to buy Twitter

According to the technology blog of the newspaper Washington Post, TechCrunch, the U.S. internet group Google would be in advanced negotiations to buy the mini-blogging site Twitter, a possible cost over $ 250 million.

According to the blog, citing two sources close to the case, whatever the method of funding chosen by Google-cash, in shares or a combination of both, the amount will be much lower than the $ 500 million proposed last year by Facebook social network, an offer rejected by Twitter.

"Why is Google interested in Twitter? Believe for some time that the true value of Twitter lies in its search capabilities, are the keys of the best database in real time over the Internet search engine (for) "TechCrunch says.

However, according to another source, Twitter and Google are in a preliminary stage of negotiations, the blog author explained in an update of his article.

The popularity of Twitter ( "chatter" in Spanish), which allows users to send free text messages to their contacts (no more than 140 characters), exploded since its inception in August 2006 but has not
able to generate income.

One of the company founder, Biz Stone, said last week that they expected this year to find a way to generate revenue and could offer payment services to professionals.

He also said that Twitter was still focused on growth.

The company claims more than six million users and a growth rate of 900% in 2008.
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