New leader in the Europen market for web browsers: Firefox 3

Firefox 3, Mozilla Foundation currently leads the European market for browsers that after many years maintained this position with Microsoft's version of Internet Explorer 7.

The web analytics firm StatCounter revealed that Firefox 3 had a 35.05 percent market share last week, followed by Internet Explorer 7, with 34.54 percent.

"The change is partly explained by a small transfer of users of Internet Explorer 7 Internet Explorer 8, but also with the increasing market share of Firefox 3," he said in a statement Aodh Cullen, CEO of StatCounter.

"The data shows that Firefox is reducing the gap and is now only 10 points below all versions of Internet Explorer in Europe," said Cullen.

In February, Internet Explorer 7 had a combined market share of 41 per cent, followed by Firefox 3 with 24 percent, according to StatCounter.
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