Perseids were seen in the skies of North America

A few days ago, in the skies of North America could be seen the so-called Perseids. That is, the trail of dust left by comet Swift-Tuttle which crossed the Earth.

And that is exactly 11 and August 12 was the date where Bill Cooke of the Meteoroid Environment, and NASA, said that the Earth would pass through the area most dense trail of dust and this would be dozens of meteors per hour.

That day the moon was waning on the position in the constellation of Aries, just radiating away from the rain, in Perseus. It was advisable not to see the Moon directly removing the ability to observe faint Persians in that area of the sky.

Cooke also noted that "meteors are flush meteors that approach from the horizon and move rasando upper atmosphere as a stone skips across the surface of a pond" Furthermore, "These are long, slow and colorful, they are most beautiful of meteors, "ended.

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