The shuttle Discovery is about to dock with the International Space Station

The space shuttle Discovery with seven astronauts aboard, is on track for a docking with the International Space Station (ISS) after a successful launch Friday August 28 from Cape Canaveral.

The shuttle is expected to reach the ISS at 01:03 GMT where the complete the orbiting station, a proposed 100 billion dollars, involving 16 countries.

The crew consisted of 7 astronauts, including a Mexican man and woman are part of the STS-128, and those carrying materials and equipment for scientific research. Commander Rick Sturckow and his six crewmates docked Discovery to the ISS this afternoon after completing a series of rendezvous operations and maneuvers will begin at 3:29 pm.

Note that the 2,000-ton ferry had a successful take-off with 6.8 tons of cargo. At 52 seconds broke the sound barrier and two minutes unhooked side rockets, which will be recovered in the Atlantic. Finally, the rocket reached an orbit of 225.31 km with respect to Earth with a velocity of 6,000 mph.

Meet the astronauts just before the launch of Discovery

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