Satellite images from before and after the earthquake in Japan

Terra Modis satellite of NASA obtained the first images of northeast Japan after the terrible earthquake and tsunami that suffered by this country. These images obtained on March 12, 2011 at 10:30 am.

Water can apre4ciar black or dark blue, the shoreline is difficult, but a green line describes the bank and is the land of higher elevation that is above the water. The second image shows how extends to the inside of the flood.

These images were taken with infrared and visible light, estya combination increases the contrast between the murky water and land. The plant-covered land is green, while the snow-covered land is pale blue. The clouds are white and pale blue and cities are paved in gold.

The satellite detected a fire that burned near the coast north of Sendai and is marked with a red square is also surrounded by floods.

The second picture shows the sediment washed out to sea and black smoke near Sendai.

The true color image acquired photo-like a couple of hours later shows plumes of sediment washed into the sea along the coast and a plume of black smoke near Sendai. Both images are from the MODIS Rapid Response System, which provides pictures twice a day in Japan.

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